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Breast Cancer: Debunking The Myths

10 months ago | Lifestyle

There are tons of information online about breast cancer. While the internet can be a great help, it could also aid the circulation of untrue information and facts. While your family and friends might also be trying to help you by sharing information they know or heard or read, it is important to know that not everything they say might be the truth. 

So, what is really true and what is really false


Myth 1 - Wearing a bra causes breast cancer

We’ve heard this a little too often, especially when the person is trying to dissuade us from wearing a bra indoors, they quickly say it causes breast cancer, but this isn’t true. Scientific evidence does not support this statement against underwire bras. So, you can keep wearing your bra if you want #wink


Myth 2 - Men can’t get breast cancer

While it may not seem as though men have breasts, they actually have breast tissues. Yes, they can get breast cancer!


Myth 3 - Breast cancer always starts with a lump

Don’t get me wrong, a lump in the breast can be a sign of breast cancer, but there are other warning signs you shouldn’t ignore, such as unusual nipple discharge and change in the look and feel of the breast or nipple.


Myth 4 - Using deodorant can cause breast cancer

There are rumours (some you find on the internet), that deodorants contain chemicals that can be absorbed into the lymph nodes of the breast. In truth, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim, as well as the sister claim that putting money or your cellphone in your breast can cause breast cancer. Say after me - THERE IS NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THESE CLAIMS.


Myth 5 - Young women don’t have breast cancer

Again, this isn't true because younger women can and do get breast cancer, as do younger men. It is true that older females are at more risk of developing breast cancer. But since 2017, more and more women under 40 are being diagnosed with breast cancer.


Women of all ages need to pay attention to their breasts, perform self-exams and report any unusual changes to their doctors, especially women with a family history of breast cancer

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