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Essentials For Harmattan Keep Up Your Glow

4 months ago | Administrator



Whew, if you live in Nigeria, you’ll understand how hot it has been, and the crazy thing is, it gets hot every year. How prepared are you to take care of your health, skin, hair and body this season? Check out the list below for your wellness must-haves, because, you’ve got to keep up with your glow 


  1. Chapstick/Lip Balm - One of the first signs of harmattan being near is dry and crackly lips and lip sores. Trust me, there is nothing pretty about that. One thing you want to do is to carry around a jar of lip balm or a chapstick to keep your lips protected and moisturized all day and all through the season. Order a chapstick here.

  2. Sunscreen/After-sun lotion - The harsh effect of the sun is felt the hardest during harmattan. Sunscreen protects your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun, reduces the likelihood of a sunburn, skin discolouration, wrinkles and skin cancer. An after-sun lotion is used after sun exposure to soothe and hydrate your skin. Available here.

  3. Moisturizing or Hydrating Lotion - The major benefit of a moisturizing lotion is to seal your skin with a water-protective layer to prevent it from getting dry. Most of these lotions also come with infused moisturizing oils and sweet fragrances, so it’s always a win-win. Shop a wide variety of moisturizing and hydrating lotions here.

  4. Hair oils and conditioner - Don’t leave your hair out this season. Exposing your hair to the sun would strip it of its oils and protection. Your hair would become brittle and start to break. If there’s any season to take extra care of your hair, this is it. The Cantu moisturizing shampoo, repair leave-in conditioner and shea butter hydrating cream is a perfect haircare set to keep and retain moisture in both natural and relaxed hair. The Shea Moisture African Black shampoo, deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner is also your best bet this season.

  5. Facial wipes - Typically used as a makeup remover, facial wipes can come in handy this harmattan to hydrate your face and skin in your time in the sun or after. It’s a perfect replacement for handkerchiefs and face towels. Hydrating green tea facial wipes available here.

  6. Water Bottle - Water is highly essential in all seasons but the harmattan season comes with another level of dryness and hotness, and as a result, you’ll need to increase your intake of water to avoid dehydration. Your skin naturally glows when it is hydrated. Ensure you carry a handle bottle of water as you go about your day.


For more hair and skincare wellness essentials, check the variety of products here. Stay protected and stay hydrated. Have a moisturized harmattan!