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How We Are Changing The Face Of Healthcare With Just N400

1 month ago | Administrator

Nigeria’s healthcare system has been rated as one of the worst in the world, with only about 3.8% of Nigeria’s GDP invested in the health sector. Nigerians have had to pay for medicines and other healthcare services out of their own pocket, which is often expensive.


Let’s think about the case of Tope, for example. Getting sick is the most frustrating experience for her. In addition to her feeling obviously unwell, she has to worry about affordable quality care. Private hospitals are expensive. The long lines you find at General hospital are disheartening. Let’s not even get started on the high markup on medications, and some  of which are not readily available in nearby pharmacies. She also has aged parents and younger siblings she’s responsible for, and  most health insurance plans are either too expensive or too complicated to figure out.


This is the problem that Wellness Club by OneHealth Nigeria is trying to solve. Wellness Club seeks to offer solutions to healthcare problems for the regular Nigerians. It sources for and offers huge discounts on medications, household and wellness items; discounts on laboratory tests and comprehensive health checks; FREE medical consultations; health trackers to monitor health; and the ability to add family members and friends on your plan without paying extra.


With two months free subscription for individuals, families or organizations, Wellness Club is more or less partnering with patients to provide lasting solutions for their healthcare needs. Thus, it becomes easier for parents to sign up and register their kids, kids register their aged parents, friends refer friends, because they are rest-assured that their monthly medication, lab tests and consultations are promptly delivered to their doorstep without fail. 


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