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The Chronicles Of The Student Mompreneur In Lockdown

9 months ago | Administrator

Knock knock, mummy!  I hear the sound of my bedroom door.  It's another day, and as always, my 5 & 3yr old are at the door, obviously unaware that I only got 4hrs sleep from trying to meet a deadline for an essay. Why are they up ?  It is 6.15am, and we are google-meets schooling, so no need to try to beat traffic. 

I  get up to give them a hug.

And that’s how I typically start my day.

Juggling motherhood, business school, and a startup can be tremendously hard, but here are the 4 main strategies I’ve put in place to help me navigate it all. 

I plan: I have a realistic schedule that takes into account all of the things I need to achieve and I try to stick to that plan.

I outsource: I recognize that I cannot do it myself alone I get the help I need by activating my support system i.e. daddy,  grandma, aunty, the whole crew.

I exercise: I take 30 mins-1hr walk/jog at least 4 times a week. to clear my head, and to listen to my podcasts.

I do not beat myself up: If by some chance I do not get to accomplish what I intended to, I take stock, analyze what went wrong, and pivot like we do in business.  Tomorrow is another day.

How do you juggle parenting in this pandemic?