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The Season Of Gifts And Giving

4 months ago | Administrator


Yaaaaay Christmas!!


For many of us, it’s our favourite time of the year because it is that time to remind our loved ones that we are grateful to journey with them. But beyond that, it’s also a time to give gifts and show love even to complete strangers.


An American study looked at the areas of the brain that light up when we give and receive and found that when receiving a gift, the brain releases the feel-good chemical dopamine. But when giving, the brain still releases dopamine AND the 'cuddle hormone' oxytocin – proof that there's more pleasure associated with giving a great gift than receiving one. It makes both you and the receiver very happy.


There are so many ways to give this season. You can give your time: read a book with your kids or snuggle in to watch a Christmas movie with your family.

You can also give your talents by volunteering to hand-out gifts or helping to cook a community lunch for the less fortunate, with an NGO. You can also give your love: share a fond memory with your family from your childhood and really pay attention to your kids, even if you have no idea what they’re talking about. Beyond your family, there’s also your colleagues, boss, domestic help, neighbours, friends, etc, to gift.


You can also gift seasonal items from our store, with items ranging from gourmet boxes, to fine Starbucks coffee, to nicely-scented aromatherapy candles. It’s the season of gifts and giving and we and we are here for all that!