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Who Are You Celebrating This November?

8 months ago | Lifestyle

November is the month for men’s health awareness, particularly for raising awareness around mental illness, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, etc. In fact, November is also called ‘Movember’ - super cool, right?


International Men’s Day is celebrated annually on the 19th of November, and like other notable dates for women & children, International Men’s Day is fast becoming a widely recognized and celebrated day for men. It’s an occasion to celebrate the achievements and contributions of men to society, nation, family. The theme for this year’s event is ‘Better Health for Men and Boys’, intending to make improvements towards the health and wellbeing of the male population.


Some Statistics

Harvard University conducted research and concluded that men are more likely to die earlier than women. This is because the average man tends to:

  • Take bigger risks

  • Have a more dangerous job

  • Be less socially connected

  • Avoid doctors, skip health routines, shy away from receiving medical help for a mental ailment, etc


Some Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Man

  • Don’t cry, be a man

  • You lost to a girl?

  • Man up

  • Stop acting like a girl

  • You’re a man and you don’t know how to change a tire?


The Truth

Men should be cared for, appreciated, and shown a great deal of love because they also are humans - they have feelings and emotions too, and that shouldn’t be ignored.


To celebrate men’s health and wellbeing, we’ve got a range of essential items for the kings in your life - ranging from after-shave elixir to beard oil, to multivitamins, amongst other quality items.


There’s no better time than now to send out random gifts accompanied by a little note to tell your partner, dad, friend, brother, cousin, neighbour, etc, how much you love and appreciate them. It’s been a rough year, so spread some love this Movember.


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