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Family March 31, 2023

Autism Awareness: Understanding The Spectrum And Creating An Inclusive Society

Medically Reviewed by Pharm Ose Oyakilome

Written by Adaobi Oduenyi

Autism spectrum disorder is a neurological difference that affects individuals in many different ways. It is a spectrum disorder, meaning each person with autism has unique strengths and challenges.

Understanding the autism spectrum is crucial for creating an accepting and inclusive society for those on the spectrum.

Read this conversation between Love from OneHealth and Tiwa, as they discuss the characteristics of autism, the types of support autistic individuals may need, and how we as a society can promote autism awareness and create a more inclusive society.

Love: Hi, have you heard about autism spectrum disorder?

Tiwa: Yes, I have heard of it. I know it is a neurological difference that affects individuals in many different ways.

Love: That's right. It's a spectrum disorder, which means that each person with autism has unique strengths and challenges. But do you know what the autism spectrum is?

Tiwa: I'm not really sure. Can you explain it more to me?

Love: Sure thing. The autism spectrum is a range of characteristics that affect an individual's social communication, sensory processing, and behaviour. It includes individuals who have a wide variety of abilities, needs, and challenges.

You have at one end of the spectrum individuals who have significant difficulties with social communication, repetitive behaviours, and sensory processing.

While at the other end, you have individuals who have fewer difficulties with social communication and sensory processing but they still experience challenges in these areas.

Tiwa: Wow, are there any other characteristics of autism?

Love: Autistic individuals usually have unique characteristics that can make it difficult for them to navigate the world around them. They may have difficulty with social communication, sensory processing challenges, repetitive behaviours, having special interests, and may even have difficulty with change.

Tiwa: This is quite sad and it sounds like they might need some support. What can we do to help them?

Love: They may require support in some areas of their life, like help with communication, sensory, behaviour, and education and they would need help with employment.

Tiwa: That is nice, how can we make society more inclusive for individuals on the autism spectrum?

Love: We should appreciate everyone's strengths and difficulties, including people with autism. If we learn about autism and help them in ways that work for them, they can do great things and be their best selves.

Tiwa: That's awesome! How can we promote autism awareness?

Love: By educating ourselves and others about the autism spectrum and also advocating for their rights and providing access to resources that help them succeed.

Tiwa: That's really good. Thank you for making me understand this

Love: You're welcome glad I could be of help, it is very important that we as a society work together to create a more accepting and inclusive world for everyone, including those on the autism spectrum.

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