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Lifestyle September 09, 2020

Back-to-School Safety For Kids During COVID

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Preparing your kid(s) for school will be most challenging this year, especially with the wars of COVID still raging. However, places are beginning to open up (restaurants, bars, beaches), and eventually, schools will. With the resumption looming, one question will be top of your mind, “Is it safe to send my child back to school?”

Here are practical ways to make it a lot easier:

  1. Reinforce the everyday precautions - You know the safety precautions, as well as the signs and symptoms of COVID-19, but how well does your child know it? As you prepare to send your kid back into the classroom, be sure to reinforce the everyday COVID-19 precautions he or she will need to keep in mind, as well as what makes these precautions so effective.

  • Social distancing reduces close contact between people, limiting his or her risk of getting sick via the infectious respiratory droplets. You should also remind your kids not to share drinks, food, writing materials, or anything, for that matter, with their friends. It's just not safe.

  • Wearing a mask helps contain any potentially infectious respiratory droplets that may be released while breathing, talking or coughing, especially when social distancing is more challenging and even if the person doesn't yet know they're sick.

  • Washing and/or sanitising your hands limits the risk of getting sick by touching a contaminated surface and then spreading the virus to your eyes, nose or mouth if you touch your face.

  1. Know and understand the safety measures being implemented by the school - Call the school management, ask questions to be clear and what measures they are putting (or have put) in place for kids to be safe. You may want to ask about what changes have been made to the classrooms, cafeterias, playgrounds? Are there hand sanitizers and hand wash available? Is the use of shared equipment going to be minimized? How about sports, extracurricular and gym rooms? How often will surfaces be sanitized? Questions like these are very vital to ask.

  2. Schedule a regular wellness exam - The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do a lot of things — but it hasn't changed the importance of checking in on your child's overall health and wellness, this means that checkups and tests are important now more than ever. OneLife Diagnostics Centre offers a wide range of health & wellness tests for children and adults. Book an appointment here. Make sure your child is also optimum on vitamins and minerals intake. Click here to order some.

  3. Listen to your child’s concerns & parenting instincts - You are your child’s number one confidante. If your child has any concerns whatsoever about returning to school, or your child complains after the first day of going to school, well, pay attention to those concerns or anxiety. If your child feels uncomfortable having to wear a mask all day, listen and be empathetic. Trust your instincts to either decide to keep your child’s schooling 100% online, or continue with classroom socialization, knowing that it is safe enough.

Well, happy resumption!

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