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OneWellness September 20, 2022


Medically Reviewed by Ose Oyakhilome

Written by Chioma Chukwunedu

MYTH 1: You would know if you have hypertension

Mrs. Okafor: Mr. Kalejaiye, how are you doing? Did you hear about Mrs. Aisha?

Mr. Kalejaiye: Yes. I heard. A sad story indeed. I was told she slumped and died.

Mrs. Okafor: Yes. She was fine oh. Everything was fine and she just died.

FACT:One of the commonest myths about hypertension is that it gives symptoms. Do you know why hypertension is called The Silent Killer? It is because it comes quietly, with no signs and symptoms in most cases. Some people never know they had hypertension till their deaths are announced. Check your blood pressure at least once every week and report your levels to your pharmacist.

“Today we are busting some myths on hypertension.“

MYTH 2: Hypertension can be cured

Seller: Come and buy your medicine! E fit cure staphylococcus. E go wash all the diabetes comot from your body. E go cure high blood pressure.

Buyer: Oga are you sure this thing can cure high blood pressure?

Seller: E go work madam. This thing na correct medicine. E dey cure hypertension. Once you drink am, all the blood pressure go just disappear.

FACT:Currently, there is no cure for hypertension. Hypertension can be treated and managed correctly and patients can live long healthy lives. Don't fall into the trap of scammers who know that patients are desperately in need of a cure. Use your medicines as prescribed to you by your doctor. 

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MYTH 3: Hypertension is only for the elderly

Obinna: Guy, I dey go check my BP this morning.

Korede: You dey go check your BP? Are you old? Hypertension is for old people.

FACT:Hypertension is not a condition that affects only the elderly. People from all age groups can have hypertension but the older you get, the more the risk of developing hypertension increases. Check your blood pressure today.

MYTH 4: Once you start taking medicines and your BP reduces, you can stop.

Mrs. Hassina: Pharm pharm Good afternoon. How are you doing today?

Pharmacist: I am fine, thank you Ma. Good afternoon. How are you doing?

Mrs. Hassina: I am fine oh. My blood pressure has come down. I stopped taking my medicines.

Pharmacist: Ah!

FACT:Remember! Hypertension cannot be cured. It can be treated and managed so that means patients have to always take their medicines. The point of the medicines is to reduce your blood pressure but they do not do it permanently. Reduced blood pressure is a good sign that the medicines are working but they do not indicate that you should stop taking them.

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