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Lifestyle February 14, 2022

Expressing Love Through Gifting. Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day.

Medically Reviewed by Pharm. Jenni

Written by Joseph Obisanya

Hey ……. Its Love from Onehealth again, long time no see did you miss me? Well i sure did

Is it just me or there is something in the air ….. yes Love is the air , no not me i am talking valentine is coming kind of love.

From the couple goals people tensioning us with loved up videos and social media posts it's very obvious that valentine's day is upon us, yes the day is one made to celebrate love and all its awesomeness but it's also a day for  gift giving as well, and finding your “special one” a Valentine's Day gift that will make them squeal with excitement  is not easy, as everyone gives and receives love differently and this is very true for all kinds of relationships such as:

  • Romantic couples

  • Friendships

  • Family

  • Colleagues

Giving gifts has been noted to be an important part of human interaction. You can even say that the act of giving and receiving gifts can help people form a stronger emotional connection with the people they care about or want to get close to. So if you’re in a particularly giving mood, here are 5 unique gift ideas to give that special person in your life:


Spend Quality Time 

Spend quality time with that special someone, put your phones and devices away and  go for a walk, a hike or just have an uninterrupted conversation, so make sure to carve out time in your schedule to partake in an activity you and that special someone would both really enjoy doing.


Help out with tasks

Thoughtful actions that can lessen  their daily workload like doing household chores, getting household items, picking the kids up from school etc these kinds of gifts are thoughtful and they show you care for your significant other. When you give up your time which is more valuable to your loved one than an expensive gift.

Get them something special

Some people love to be spoiled, you know with jewelry, trips etc while some appreciate thoughtful gifts like let's say you noticed your special someone  has have run out of fuel in their generator you get them  get them a 10 liter gallon of petrol  or may be your special someone is a diabetic and has a problem monitoring their sugar levels you can get a Blood sugar monitor or for someone that has high blood pressure you can get a blood pressure monitor   these kinds of gifts are memorable and have a lot of sentimental value.


Tell them how you feel 

 Tell them how you feel about them - you can tell them in person or write a beautiful letter.

Giving unsolicited compliments, words of praise and encouraging sentiments mean everything to people that appreciate the little things.

Get  Physical 

Nope it's not just what you think (smirk emoji) ,this is when you get mad creative, plan fun activities like signing up for a cooking class, paintballing , art class, salsa classes you know something that will be fun for you and your partner.

Dont leave out your sexlife, take it to the next level with your partner by taking sensual baths (hello bath bombs), be each other’s masseur and rub each other down with sensual oil and of course take your partner to sexual nirvana by using sex toys, lube, vigor choclate,etc let your imagination run wild.


That's why i wanted to make this valentine’s day special  by creating these four special valentine’s day bundles: 

For mum or dad

Home Health check bundle


For you and your partner:

Sex Drive

Sex play bundle

Valentine bundle for her

Valentine Couple bundle

Valentine's Couple Bundle 2


 There’s something for mum or dad, something nice for you or your partner, so go ahead and take your pick and because you are my person I have a special gift for you,  all the items in my specially curated bundles have all their prices at 10% so you are not only making memorable moments this season you are also making major savings.

I'll catch up with you same time, next week. 

Love ????,

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