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Pillmova August 18, 2023

How Last-Mile Medication Delivery Can Help Patients Stay Compliant With Their Medication Regimens

Medically Reviewed by Juliana Ajagunna

Written by Adaobi Oduenyi

Ensuring that patients stick to their prescribed medications is a crucial aspect of effectively managing illnesses, especially when it comes to chronic conditions. However, many patients find it challenging to consistently follow their medication routines, which can have serious repercussions on their health, potentially leading to hospitalization or even loss of life.

Enter the concept of last-mile medication delivery--- an innovative service that brings prescription medications right to patients' doorsteps. This approach holds significant promise in enhancing medication adherence by simplifying the process of obtaining medicines promptly and overcoming the various obstacles that often hinder patients from obtaining their prescribed treatments.

Enhancing Medication Compliance: The Positive Impact of Last-Mile Medication Delivery on Healthcare Facilities' Efforts

  • Mitigating No-Shows and Missed Appointments:Patients who know that their essential medications will be delivered directly to them on the schedule are more likely to honour their medical appointments. A study featured in the journal "Patient Preference and Adherence" showcased a noteworthy 20% decrease in no-shows and missed appointments as a result of last-mile medication delivery. This shift not only benefits patients but also translates into significant resource savings for healthcare institutions, in terms of staff time and other resources.

  • Enhancing Patient Satisfaction:When patients can access their medications conveniently, without making arduous trips to the pharmacy, their overall satisfaction with their healthcare experience tends to increase. This elevated satisfaction, in turn, fosters patient loyalty and curbs the tendency of patients to switch to alternative healthcare providers. A research article published in the journal "Healthcare" emphasised that patients who availed of last-mile medication delivery reported higher levels of contentment with their healthcare. Furthermore, this satisfaction is linked directly to better adherence to prescribed medication regimens.

  • Elevating the Quality of Care:Through a reduction in appointment no-shows and missed visits, healthcare establishments can ensure that patients receive timely and necessary medical attention. This proactive approach has the potential to lead to improved health outcomes for patients. An in-depth study in the "Journal of the American Medical Association" underscored how last-mile medication delivery was associated with a decrease in hospital admissions for individuals grappling with chronic ailments. Furthermore, this approach correlated positively with an overall enhancement in the quality of life for such patients.

“Last-mile medication delivery serves as a beacon of hope in the endeavor to ensure patients receive their prescribed treatments in a timely manner.“

One notable player in last-mile medication delivery services is Pillmova by OneHealth, a prominent provider based in Nigeria. For healthcare facilities aiming to enhance medication compliance and elevate the standard of care provided Pillmova presents a valuable solution. Interested parties can get in touch with Pillmova to delve into how their services can contribute to fostering better patient care and improved adherence to medication regimens.

In essence, last-mile medication delivery serves as a beacon of hope in the endeavour to ensure patients receive their prescribed treatments in a timely manner. This approach is characterized by its potential to;

  • Curb no-shows

  • Amplify patient satisfaction

  • And elevate care quality, holds promise in revolutionizing how healthcare facilities approach medication compliance.

With Pillmova at the forefront of this transformative movement, healthcare providers have an opportunity to embrace a more patient-centric and effective approach to managing their patients' health. Get in touch with Pillmova today at 09088414428 or 09088453001 to discover the potential impact on your patient's care journey.

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