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Lifestyle December 02, 2021

Improving Your Sex Life - Excerpts From Flipping The Switch 1

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Flipping The Switch

Who taught you about sex?

How did you learn how to have sex?

Sometime in November, we had a very enlightening session with Sabi Doctor and he took us back to Biology class.

If you’d like to watch the video, click here.

For us, here are some highlights from the session! P.S. bring out your notes.

  • Sex is important and talking about sex is very important!

  • It’s not OK to have no desire for sex. It’s totally ABNORMAL.

  • It’s ok/normal to have sexual fantasies and desires even as a virgin.

  • The hormones responsible for sexual urges are testosterone in men and oestrogen in women

  • During Ovulation, most women get increased urge for sex

  • Sexual Intimacy doesn’t only occur when there is penetration.

  • When it comes to Libido, there is no universal normal. What’s normal for you might be abnormal for another.

  • Libido imbalance is a situation in which there is a disparity between the libido of two partners.

  • When dealing with Libido imbalance, it is important for partners to make a lot of compromises.

  • Factors that affect libido/causes low libido include; Psychological factors/triggers, physical factors like Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Pregnancy, use of drugs, stress. Socio-cultural factors like religious admonishment. There are medications for libido correction. 

  • One of the ways we can help people have an OK sex life is by Demystifying Sex.

  • Teach children at puberty about sex, expectations in terms of body changes and menstruation

  • Teach your children the concept of postponed sex once they begin to get curious about sex.

  • Simple remedies for improving sex life includes taking fruits like Watermelon (nature's own Viagra), Citrus fruits, Tigernuts, Dates, Dark Chocolates, Gorontula, Red wine.

  • Supplements like Honey Goatweed are also very helpful for increasing sex drive.

  • Exercises also work particularly for men.


These are just a few touchpoints from the last session. Good news is…

WE HAVE ANOTHER SESSION COMING UP! Yup! Sabi Doctor will be joining us live again on the 4th of December as we dig deeper in this world of Libido and better still, you get to opportunity to send in your questions before hand and have them answered during the conversation. Click here to send your questions.

We look forward to learning with you!

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