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OneWellness August 17, 2023

Micro Insurance: A Cost-Effective Way To Protect Your Startup's Workforce

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Written by Adaobi Oduenyi

Hey there, Nigerian entrepreneurs!

If you are on the thrilling journey of building your startup, you know that the heart and soul of your team pour into making your dreams come true. But have you ever wondered how to protect your team's dreams? Microinsurance might just be the answer – a smart, affordable way to shield your workforce and their loved ones from life's unexpected twists.

What is Microinsurance?

Let's dive into the world of micro insurance – your startup's new best friend. Imagine it as a caring guardian for your employees, that has been designed to suit the dynamic needs of startups.

 Think of it as insurance that packs all the essentials, without the hefty price tag. At OneWellness we get it, as a startup, every Naira counts, and traditional insurance might seem like a distant dream, but with OneWellness, we make sure your dreams become a reality.

Why is OneWellness Micro Insurance the Best Ally for Your Startup?

1. Budget-Friendly Blessing:  As a Nigerian entrepreneur, I am sure you are familiar with the art of stretching every single Naira to make it work for you and your startup. Traditional insurance plans can sometimes feel like a tough financial squeeze. But OneWellness Micro Insurance is a budget-friendly superhero. It lets you offer insurance perks without doing financial acrobatics.

2. Talent Magnet: In a talent-driven ecosystem, having a competitive edge is crucial. With OneWellness microinsurance, you're not just offering a job – you're offering security. And this can set your startup apart and attract top talents who value their well-being because when they see you're investing in their well-being, you stand out. And once they're in, they're in it for the long haul.

3. Peace Amidst Uncertainty: Life happens. Illnesses sneak up, accidents surprise us. But with OneWellness, your team is armoured with peace of mind. They can focus on conquering challenges without worrying about unexpected medical bills knocking on their door.

4. Tailored Fit: One size doesn't fit all, especially when it comes to insurance. With OneWellness, you tailor the coverage to your team's needs. Health, accidents, life, or disability. It's like a bespoke suit, designed just for you.

The Numbers Don't Lie

Here's how microinsurance is making waves:

1. The International Labour Organization (ILO) recognizes micro insurance's role in providing social protection, especially for our informal sector workers. It's a bridge to healthcare and financial support.

2. Over 100 million people worldwide have felt the impact of microinsurance, as highlighted by the Microinsurance Network. That's not just a number; it's a global movement of security and care.

3. The World Bank echoes the sentiment - micro insurance doesn't just protect pockets; it fights poverty by tackling financial risks head-on.

Seeing through Different Lenses

Let's peek at how micro insurance looks from various angles:

1. From an Employee's POV (Point of view): Imagine being an employee in a startup that says, "We've got your back." It's not just a job; it's a family that cares.

2. Startup Vision: In the startup race, you're not just another contender. You're a standout with a strong foundation of trust, loyalty, and security.

3. Investor Viewpoint: Investors value forward-thinking pioneers. With microinsurance, you're not just chasing profits; you're investing in your people's well-being.

Final Words of Wisdom

So, to our dear Naija startup founders, OneWellness Micro Insurance is your secret weapon. It's a way to show your team that their well-being is your priority. With affordable coverage that speaks volumes, it's a win-win. As you chart your startup's journey, remember -the heroes who build your dreams deserve a shield of security. Let's make it happen together!

Of course, our friendly experts are here to guide you through the OneWellness journey. Let's empower your startup and its heroes, you can always call them on 09088414428 or 09088453001 for more information.

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