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Health Tips March 18, 2020

Poison Prevention Awareness

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Poison Prevention Week is a campaign that is focused on preventing the unintentional and accidental poisoning and exposure to toxic substances, which is achieved by raising awareness and promoting prevention.

There is an ever-growing list of substances that exist in our homes that are or could potentially be toxic, especially with the coronavirus pandemic where corrosive substances are readily available. These can include cleaning supplies (when combined), prescription or over the counter drugs, or anything that can be consumed by an unknowing child. More than 90% of incidents involving poison occur in residences, and most involve children. Basic everyday items, such as laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, and even vitamins, are three of the most common sources of poisoning. 


How to Observe Poison Prevention Awareness

  1. Lock your cabinets
    Children are curious by nature. Protect them from their own lack of inhibitions and never leave medications, pesticides and other household chemical products where young ones can gain access to them.
  2. Read up
    Access to information has never been easier than it is today. Know which potentially harmful materials you may have in your household, and take the necessary steps to prevent accidents.
  3. Be prepared Have these emergency contacts programmed on your cell phone and saved on every telephone in your home 
  • Emergency Management (LASEMA)

08060907333, 08023127654, 08022234870, 016574706, 016574714


  • Distress Call
767, 112


Why Poison Prevention Awareness is Important

  1. We love our children
    Children under the age of 6 account for over 50% of household poisonings.
  2. Prevention doesn’t take much effort
    Most of the steps for poison prevention are both fast and easy. Take the time to appropriately store medicine and potentially harmful chemicals away from children, and enjoy the knowledge that your family is safer due to your efforts.
  3. It makes your children smarter
    It is an opportunity to teach your children, and increase their knowledge in the difference between the proper uses for items and the potential harms they possess. 



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