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OneWellness October 26, 2022

Why Onewellness?

Medically Reviewed by Olajumoke Adeyemo

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70% of deaths in the world are a result of non-communicable diseases like hypertension and diabetes. Unfortunately, 75% of these deaths come from low and middle-income countries like Nigeria.

Additionally, a significant portion of mortality in low-income nations is caused by non-communicable diseases, which cause 85% of premature deaths. Every Nigerian knows at least one person living with a non-communicable disease. It is either a parent, relative, friend, or neighbor. As an epidemic, the condition necessitates continuous, prompt interventions, which is why we created Onewellness.

Onewellness emerged to build a gap by providing care outside of the hospitals, from anywhere you may be through your mobile phones. Onewellness is a healthcare service/app that provides holistic care for people living with non-communicable diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

The greatest gift you can give anyone with these conditions is the gift of wellness.

Here are reasons why you should choose Onewellness.

“You 've heard about it. The Onewellness program (Nigeria's #1 service to manage hypertension, diabetes and other conditions) is launching tomorrow, Thursday 27th October, 2022.“

One of the major reasons why chronic illnesses are rampant and not managed properly in Africa is the lack of access to healthcare. Onewellness emerged to provide care for people with chronic illness outside the walls of the hospital, with the use of their mobile phones.

In most hospitals in Nigeria, patients living with chronic conditions get to see their doctors and have follow-up and checkup routines on a monthly basis. This means they often do not always get enough information about what to expect while using the medications like side effects. Due to the time lengths between follow-ups, patients are unable to give instant feedback to their physicians when they notice any side effects or any changes at all. Onewellness gives all Africans access to quality healthcare which is a fundamental human right.

With the onewellness program, patients with chronic illnesses are assigned to care pharmacists that monitor their drug use, carry out weekly drug assessments, monitor their test levels, and give recommendations, and pharmacy care. Patients can always talk to their care pharmacists on the go, as soon as they experience any changes. You do not have to have to struggle to remember the side effects you experienced since your last visit to the doctor.

Through onewellness, Africans have access to quality medicines and dietary supplements from our 1000+ partner pharmacies all over the country with a 5% discount and free delivery. 

Patients can save time and avoid hospital queues by getting both virtual and home-based doctors consultations through our collaboration with hospitals and specialists.

We will bring the laboratory to your home, so you would not have to leave your home to get lab tests. With Onewellness, you get access to your lab tests from the comfort of your home through our specialized partner phlebotomists and medical laboratory scientists.

Enrollees enjoy a meal plan specially curated for them based on condition, availability, and affordability.

One of the challenges that people with chronic illnesses have is forgetting to take their medications or to refill their supplies. Only 35% of people with chronic conditions adhere to their medicines. With Onewellness, you would not have to worry about missing a dose of your medicines with our daily and weekly medication reminders. Our automated refill reminders ensure you never run out of your medicines supply.

We understand that so many things call for your attention during the day. We help you take charge of your health. With our automated appointment reminders, you do not have to stress about missing an appointment again.

Let us be the broad shoulder you can lean on through this journey. We know that this journey feels long and can get lonely sometimes so we are ready to be your accountability partner. We track your health records with our embedded solution which has a medicine use review system. There is the option of a caregiver or sponsor having access to your records ONLY after you have granted permission.

Complications arise when chronic conditions are not treated and managed properly. One of the important treatment goals for chronic diseases is avoiding the development of complications which is why Onewellness is your buddy in preventing complications like diabetes-related gangrene, stroke, etc through the scorecard. It uses how well you have taken your medicines and test levels to determine your risk for complications.

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