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Always Sanitary Towel

Always Ultra Pink- Always pads are designed to provide the ultimate comfort and protection.

Brand: Always

Ingredient: Cotton Fiber


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About this item

Always has made a woman’s period a more positive, happier experience. Always, the world’s leader in feminine protection is dedicated to helping women embrace womanhood positively—from the very beginning of puberty through their adult lives. Always has a wide range of menstrual pads designed to fit different body types, period flows and preferences. And we all know, the better the fit, the better the protection. With Always, you're GOOD TO GO with up to 8 hours NO STAIN NO CHECK.Always Platinum was launched in Nigeria  November 2015. It’s a premium product for women  who desire the best experience in sanitary protection (dryness and comfort). 

A soft fabric that is designed to pull fluid away from skin 

Brand: Always

Ingredient: Cotton Fiber

Always Ultra Pink- Always pads are designed to provide the ultimate comfort and protection.

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